HUI's Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is titled "Miao's Queen Seal". Siyinmiao, generally referred to as "the history book worn on the body" and also known as "the descendants of the queen", has the primary purpose of confirming her identity. In the West, the use of seals dates back to Babylonian times, of the Greeks and Romans who used them as proof of authenticity and authentication to seal documents and to symbolize the names of families or family emblems. Seals are not simply decorative motifs, they are also symbols of identity, status and culture and beyond their extraordinary aesthetic appeal, they contain a profound spiritual essence, capable of connecting the realms of culture and heritage and embodying a hope that it knows no limits and boundaries.



It is a perfect balance that gives the same importance and value to tradition and modernity, innovation and quality.

Hui Zhou Zhao, a Chinese designer with a master's degree from the Milan Polytechnic Institute where she learned the charm of Italian fashion, perfectly combines classic oriental beauty and timeless elegance mixed with avant-garde modernity.

The brand identity is inspired by the extraordinary Asian aptitude for embellishments that mix with the rigor of clean, minimalist design. This mood comes from Miss Zhao's passion for art and its influence on fashion that skillfully blends multiple languages.

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 at an exhibition in Milan

The exhibition "China's Miao ethnic culture" brought the arts of embroidery and fabric from the Chinese province to Palazzo Clerici during the fashion week. A collection of 16 pieces that confirms and seals the deep and strong bond connecting the East and the West, especially China and Milan. 
Costumes that reflect the Miao people's understanding of nature, their pursuit of artistic creativity, and aesthetics beyond realism. 
Natural changes are translated through soft rhythmic lines, lively images, and decorative compositions."

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